Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some fun easy ways to make a little money

Over the past couple weeks, I've found a couple different sites that you can go to & make a little extra cash. It won't make you rich but you can earn gift cards, PayPal cash & some other neat items. With Christmas coming up, every little bit helps.
Click on any of the links/ads below to check the programs out. I've not had any problems with these sites & the games are fun & the surveys are pretty easy. I just started with Cash crate & like how easy the site is to use & they have games & surveys to keep you interested. Quick Rewards is nice because you have different ways to earn money, you get points plus money. There are games you can play plus surveys. You can even get paid for using their search engine on the site to get a little money. Minds Pay you have the largest chance to get bigger money but some require a credit card. I don't do those but I'm still completing surveys and doing pretty well.